DBF Recovery tool

The development community of DBF Recovery Toolbox (download) allows recovering data corruption threats of any nature so that you can start the analysis of damaged databases without investigating the reason of issue. The team offers a freeware version of application for the processing of corrupted DBF files so you may check its engine of data restoration without additional expenses.

Please note the open source version of DBF Recovery Toolbox is not available to prevent changes in the engine of data restoration. The same reason makes impossible the support of GNU or GPL licenses, please do not try to modify the settings of data restoration and reproduce the analysis of DBF files, it is really easy and there is no need in additional explanations.

DBF Recovery

DBF Recovery Toolbox is executed in two easy steps, first of all you select a database of DBF format for analysis, than you start the recovery by clicking the Next button. As soon as the processing is started, you can do nothing except looking at the status bar of DBF Recovery Toolbox to find out if it is running.

After the end of analysis DBF Recovery Toolbox automatically goes to the following stage and previews the results of restoration to learn more about the efficiency of data processing by DBF Recovery Toolbox. Due to the nature of data recovery services and DBF Recovery Toolbox in particular, the success depends on many factors. It is the only reason to provide the freeware version of software to evaluate the efficiency of data restoration in the particular case of analysis.